Deer Antler Spray Benefits

Deer Antler Spray Reviews

Deer antler spray is actually made from the cartilage (velvet) found in the deers antlers. This cartilage aka: velvet, is combined with a lisposome-based liquid to form a spray. This spray is banned from use in professional sports, but is perfectly legal for the average consumer.

Main Benefits Of Deer Antler Extract

Supports Heart Function

Insulin growth factor (IGF-1) is the main substance found in a deers antler. This same substance that makes the deers antlers grow so fast is also beneficial to a humans cellular regeneration. The heart is a muscle, its myocardial structure and function greatly improve when using the spray. This has been the results of several random blind studies done on humans.

Dosage: The deer antler spray is to administered orally. It is recommended that two to three pumps be taken under the tongue. Do this twice a day. This is the normal dosage unless otherwise advised by a health professional.

Immune System Support

It has be discovered that the antler contains a small protein that is unique in the fact that it can regulate the immune system. For people who have weak immune systems, this is great news. People using deer antler spray have reported a vast improvement in immune function, this has resulted in fewer colds and more energy.

Supports Glucose Metabolism

Blood sugar problems and diabetes is on the rise, and IGF-1 has shown that it improves the efficiency of insulin. What the doctors say is: “IGF-1 helps insulin break-down sugars and deliver it into the blood faster, this means more energy production and normal blood-sugar levels.”

Supports Weight Loss

Anyone who’s on a weight loss mission must look into deer antler spray for support. This benefit is in conjunction with the glucose benefits. Excess sugar that can’t be used will turn into fat. By efficiently metabolizing glucose (sugars), the body will use the energy and burn away the excess. This overall process has helped many people accelerate their weight loss programs.

Anti-Aging Benefits

Toxins, free-radical, cellular degeneration – these are all things that contribute to premature aging. We keep circling back to IGF-1, but this is the primary chemical that promotes cell regeneration, muscle growth and the repair of nerve damage.

At a cellular level: when you can protect the cell from radicals and efficiently move oxygen through your system, then you’re slowing down the aging process.

Does Deer Antler Extract Sprays Really Work?

The key to success with deer antler spray is constancy. Taking it every day will elevate your IGF-1 levels; this will enable you to enjoy the maximum health benefits you are looking for.

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